Proudly owned by the Michelmann family since 1865.
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A Long Standing Tradition…

The Michelmann Companies (Michelmann Steel Construction Company and Mid-States Door & Hardware) had their beginnings in 1865 when a Prussian immigrant named J.H. Michelmann started a small boiler and tank shop in Quincy, Illinois. He was a hard-working family man with, eventually, ten children to support and firm ideas on how to run a business. He believed in a quality product, on-time delivery and superior customer service.

J.H. passed his company and his beliefs on to his son-in-law William F. Gerdes Sr. From there the management of the business passed to his grandson Clarence A. Gerdes and to his great-grandson William F. Gerdes III.

Today, many years after its founding by J.H. Michelmann, the company is being run by his great-great-granddaughter Laura Gerdes Ehrhart utilizing the exact same ideals with which he started the business in 1865 – a quality product, on-time delivery and superior customer service.

The Right Material For Your Next Project

The Michelmann Companies can assist with your building project in many ways. Michelmann Steel Construction Company offers all manner of structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication including plate steel fabrication such as tanks and bins, stairs and handrails, joists and deck, highway guardrail, pipe bollards, plain warehouse steel and more. Michelmann can also offer a variety of steel detailing, engineering and print-making services.

Mid-States Door & Hardware is an experienced distributor of commercial grade hollow metal doors and frames, wood doors and hardware. Having a UL certified facility allows us to fabricate products in-house while ensuring that the products meet all applicable codes. With an Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) on staff, we are able to work closely with Architects to ensure that the end-users are getting the right material for the right application. Mid-States Door & Hardware offers a wide variety of brand name products including Schlage, Von Duprin, LCN, Corbin Russwin, Yale, Norton and Hager. Other products include bathroom partitions and accessories, access panels, fire extinguishers and many others.